Painting by Artist Angus McEwan

Dynamic Judgement Formation

Together with an organization I create a space that enables learning. I was educated as a trainer in Dynamic Judgement Formation. This model supports people in finding a true solution for their question. Dynamic Judgement can be used in decision-making, resolving individual issues, as a management tool and in a conflict resolution situation.

A good conversation

The loneliness of being human in daily life and in leadership is not strange to me; I've learned to endure. I usually succeed by looking for a connection. Connection with my heart and through meeting others. By looking in the mirror that others hold up to me, I get a connection with my whole story, my motives, shadow and wealth. It is my commitment to turn a conversation into a meeting.

In individual coaching I look with the client at their themes in life, also making a connection with their system of origin. I like to work with metaphors, images from art, the Bible, the Marabaratha and films.

Organizational advice and interim work

In difficult or complex situations involving (work) relationships, teams and organizations I restore connection. My interventions ensure that people get back in touch with their motives Sometimes this leads to choices outside the organization (for which they are currently working), sometimes it leads to innovation and changes in teams. In addition, I work at all levels in an organization to perpetuate the effect of change.

I like to receive questions where the solutions are not yet in sight. I am available for interim work on the executive level, on the board level and in  management positions. I am a pioneer, a reorganizer. Without authoritarian interventions, with a clear head and a warm heart, I am able to help organizations into the next phase.

From both my extensive experience as a board member, supervisor and manager, and also having started  as a street worker, I can join and understand all positions in an organization.

In my organizational coaching, the “whole story” counts. I do not believe that a team can make good strategic choices if the mutual cooperation is overshadowed by unspeakable secrets.

Organizations should fuel love. It is my experience that protocols, rules and production agreements become an end in themselves, detached from living reality.

Professionals in education, care and welfare, are under (regulatory) pressure. This often results in a loss of inspiration and connection with their profession. Originally all of them have chosen their profession from their heart, their passion.


Maarten, my husband, and I (read more about us here) both provide training courses. We like to work together, but we also develop our own training courses.

I design tailor-made training courses on a wide range of subjects. For example, it could be about restoring a social culture, where trust in the organization is increased. Or, I can support intervision with teams, so that they can do it themselves in a following phase. Training can also be about regaining love for your profession.

The starting point of my training and advice is always: connecting to the demands of the organization, the team or individual. Usually it is necessary to start with clarifying the original question in order to arrive at the right training, guidance or support.