Partnership Moens&Veldhuis

I’m so glad that you’ve found us here on this page of our partnership. We are all about the truth as a weapon, the truth that frees us, the truth that connects.

We were both divorced when we first met. Our meeting was preceded by a painful period filled with conflict, grief and parting.

We took what life was offering and decided to go along with our new love for one another and everything that came with it. And we’re still doing that to this day.

One of the first things we agreed on was, ‘We’re not holding back’. This meant that we’d allow whatever lived inside us to be expressed and experienced. We still uphold this motto after 21 years, although we occasionally have to remind each other about it. We’re trying to tell our own ‘complete story’. Working with ‘the complete message’ has also systematically become a tool that we use to guide people, teams and organizations.

Many teams are affected by taboos, ‘undercurrents’ that people never talk about, but that are felt and experienced. By making work into something that frees and heals people, these matters can be discussed and placed on the agenda.  This is the aim of our intervention.

The individual guidance (coaching) of people also often involves the observance, awakening to and discussion of thoughts, feelings and impulses that are hidden or subconscious.

When we ‘complete’ the story that that we tell about ourselves, we become integral people. Flesh-and-blood people with bright sides and dark sides, who know their own strengths and weaknesses.

We like to use metaphors and stories. “The Hero’s Journey” (popularized by Joseph Campbell) can offer insights to give you a better understanding about your own journey.

Maarten is a song coach and biographical counselor, and also works with groups of men. Read more about Maarten and his activities at And on this website you’ll find more information about me, Denise Veldhuis, and what I have to offer.